Joining Jesus in Heart Renewal


Wives Group - Support for Wives Impacted by Infidelity

A six week therapeutic group for wives whose husbands have been unfaithful in the marriage | Wednesday mornings 10:30am-12pm, beginning September 20th


Motherhood Group - Postpartum Support

An eight week therapeutic group for postpartum moms struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns I Friday mornings 9:30-11am beginning September 22nd


Connected Kids: Learning the Art of Connection Through Play

In order for children to grow and thrive, connection is key. Come learn about the value of play in your relationship with your child. | September 30th, 1-5pm.


Christ-centered Counseling
for the Whole Person


Christian Counseling

We believe God’s Word and the Holy Spirit work on our behalf as we aim for clients to know and apply the gospel to the deepest parts of their lives.

Our Story & Values

Professional Service

Our counseling staff is made up of a variety of trained and licensed professionals who are passionate about Jesus, the gospel, and the local church.

About Services & Fees

Training and Equipping

We equip counselors, churches, and organizations to respond in crisis through biblical counseling, consultations, training events, and conferences.

Training & Equipping