Marriage Management Workshop | March 11, 2017


God created marriage to work according to His design. Many Christian couples desire a fulling marriage. They know their marriage should reflect Christ. Yet, practically living out that belief can be challenging. When we attempt to use marriage for purposes for which it is not designed, we end up disappointed or disillusioned. Marriage is not only a beautiful gift from God, it is also a stewardship. And as stewards, we are to manage it and see that it is as healthy as possible.

The Marriage Management Workshop is simple but practical. It helps couples see their marriage on paper. The Marriage Budget (which has nothing to do with money) will help couples:

  • put their marriage in perspective
  • develop practical ways of understanding and applying Biblical principles to their relationship.
  • identify and increase Income Sources (things that add to your marriage and increase connection)
  • assess and manage Necessary Expenses (things that require resources, but are necessary)
  • discover and remove Unnecessary Expenses (things that use up resources but can be removed)
  • identify and address Marital Debt (unresolved issues that requires current resources)
  • discover ways of making Investments into other couples, which turn into Income
  • learn to use the Marriage Budget Worksheet to experience optimal fulfillment in your marriage

The Marriage Management workshop will help you harness your strengths and become intentional about growing as a couple.

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