We are excited to launch two new programs for women this month with Fabienne Harford:


For many of us, it’s not our present failures that keep us running from God – it’s our past.  We are haunted by our mistakes and crippled by guilt and regret. Shame fractures our relationships, sabotages our confidence in ministry and hinders our ability to move forward with God.

Come join Fabienne (Fabs) Harford for this three hour workshop where she will unpack the role of shame in our lives, identify the lies that are keeping us enslaved and provide practical tools to do battle with shame and move towards freedom in Christ.  

BATTLING SHAME 6-WEEK INTENSIVE Program – only 12 spots available

Our war against shame will not be won in a single battle.  It will be an ongoing process, but through the renewal of our minds and shifting our patterns, God has given us the power to be transformed.  If you feel that it’s time to attack your shame, this 6-week program is for you.  Instead of simply teaching or handing you tools to defeat shame, we will walk alongside of you as you work through your personal battle with shame.   This intensive program will include:

  • 6 week Battling Shame Bible Study
  • Small group for on-going encouragement
  • 1 Remote group coaching session
  • 3 one-on-one 45 minute intensive development sessions 

In your time with Fabs Harford, you can expect:

  • Exploration. I will help you use your emotions and thoughts to dig deeper than you have gone before to uncover the specific root of your struggles.
  • Insight. Together we will examine the Scriptures to discover specific truths that offer freedom.
  • Experience.  We will never just stop at understanding, but seek to invite your emotions and your heart to experience the truths through imagination and processing.  
  • Challenge. You will leave each session with some personalized assignments and next steps to take throughout the week.  

IMG_0051-2Leader: Fabienne (Fabs) Harford is a writer, teacher, coach & consultant.  She served on staff with The Austin Stone Community Church since 2007 as the Director of Women’s Training.  You can catch up with her at www.fabsharford.com






Workshop Registration

$20 per person



2pm-5pm on February 22nd



Intensive Registration

Limited to 12 Spots
$200 per person



Starts February 23rd, 2015