Seminar Description

Talking to teens and pre-teens about sex, gender, and sexuality can be challenging and awkward. But in a culture that’s flooding kids with concepts, choices, and terms that make a biblical sexual ethic seem outdated and impossible to obey, it’s deeply needed.

This workshop is designed to help prepare you to have these important conversations with confidence, kindness, and clarity.

The Wonderfully Made seminar will provide the following for participants:

  • A theological understanding of God’s design for body, gender, and sexuality
  • Cultural shifts, vocabulary, and narratives impacting teens
  • Understanding typical teen development and impact on parent-child relationships
  • Ways of promoting healthy dialogue with teens

Our hope is to further equip the body of believers to speak the love of God to the next generation as we explore gender and sexuality in a way that is both practical and biblically grounded.




February 26th


Lunch Provided

*Childcare Not Provided





Austin Stone Community Church: West Campus

916 S Capital Tx Hwy, Austin TX 78746

Facilitated by

Andrew Dealy, LPC

Andrew Dealy, LPC

Executive Director

Crystal Wilkins, LPC, RPT, CCLS

Crystal Wilkins, LPC, RPT, CCLS