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In a time of chaos, there is nothing more valuable than the familiar, and no relationship more essential than the parent-child relationship in supporting a child’s ability to cope.  Please join us for an online Child-Parent-Relationship-Therapy (C-P-R-T) crash course. 

C-P-R-T is a parent training curriculum aimed at strengthening and supporting the parent-child relationship.  The training focuses on teaching parents how to connect with their children through 1x weekly 30-minute play sessions.  You’ll receive information regarding child development, the value of play for children, tips for how to engage in child-centered play sessions, and various other skills to support your time with your children in and out of the playtime.  In addition, you’ll be able to connect with other parents trying to figure out how to parent in pandemic.

Kids are complex, COVID is stressful, Parenting is hard, and Play is connective and powerful!

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This group is for parents of children ages 3-10








Zoom/Virtual platform

A note from Crystal:

Hi parents!  I hope you’ll join me for this CPRT course.  

As a play therapist, I adore children.  They are funny little creatures and I believe God has designed me uniquely to work with them.  I do consider it, however, my highest privilege to support you as parents in YOUR relationship with your children.  They are yours forever.  So, when I get to hear you validate a feeling, see your child open up in the safe relationship you co-create, and watch you champion their efforts….oh man!  So. Much. Fun.  These seemingly little things add up to powerful experiences for a child as they grow into resilient adults.

I always say, parenting is the hardest gig on the planet.  It’s constant and highly underpaid.  I want so badly for parents to experience more enjoyment of their children and to feel confident in their ability to connect with and support their child in whatever joys and struggles cross their path.  In the crisis of pandemic, more and more children are struggling emotionally.  This course will help guide you as you support your kids.  Hope to see you soon.  Sincerely,


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