Many of us have asked the question, “What is God’s Will for my Life?” And many of us have either concluded that this is a completely unanswerable question or that the only way to find the answer is to wait for writing on the wall. My opinion is that while we may never know the full story until our story is done, we do have way more hints, clues, and information than we might realize. In this seminar you will learn the E210 Career Counseling strategy for discerning what God’s Will for your “good works” might be, how to not put your life on hold while you’re discerning, and how to avoid running yourself into the ground along the way. You may not have all the questions answered when we’re done, but you will be far more equipped in continuing the journey of self and career discovery that will last a lifetime and end with a “well done good and faithful servant.”


The seminar will be led by Alyssa Williams, a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, supervised by Shanda Anderson, LPC-S at The Austin Stone Counseling Center. Alyssa takes great joy in being a Christ-Centered Career Counselor. She gets to see God use her skills, giftings, and passions nearly every day to draw His children closer to Himself and point them towards the roles and purposes He has created them for. Feeling confident that this is something that God made her to do, and getting to live that out day after day is an extraordinarily satisfying experience that she wants all of her brothers and sisters in Christ to experience as well. With each person that she has the honor of joining on their journey of self and career discovery, she gets another cherished glimpse of how creative and intentional God is in designing each of His masterpieces and how faithful He is to guide and use each of them to their fullest potential.



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*This includes snacks and drinks that will be provided


Sunday, April 10th from 1-3pm


The For the City Center, Crestview Room (2 Floor)

500 E. St. Johns Avenue, Austin, TX 78752