We hear about connection all the time.  Are we connecting to our spouse?  Do we feel connected to our community (church, neighbors, social groups)?  How do we connect to colleagues at work?  It is a desire and often a struggle in every relationship.  Relationships with children are not very different.  In order for children to grow and thrive, connection is key.

For parents, this workshop will help you learn about the value of play in your relationship with your child.  We feed, we teach, we take them to church…..we direct them in much of life, as we should.  And in play, we get a glimpse into their world through their vantage point.  Come learn play skills that will enhance your relationship and give you a unique way to connect.

For singles, your ministry and service to children starts now, not when you deliver your own child.  Come learn more about how you can connect through play with the children in sphere of influence.


 Crystal Wilkins, LPC, RPT

Crystal Wilkins, Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist at Austin Stone Counseling Center, will be sharing knowledge gained through her academic training, the Equipped to Counsel class, and her experiences working with children as a Certified Child Life Specialist and Registered Play Therapist.  Crystal continues to learn the art of connection in her work with children, and welcomes the opportunity to share this with parents, teachers, coaches and those serving children in a variety of capacities.


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Saturday September 30th, 2017. 1pm-5pm


Fees:  $20/person

Child Care Available:  $10/child


For The City Center (500 East St. Johns, Austin, TX 78752)
Upstairs in The Attic