Course Description

Talking to kids can be a challenge. They think differently than adults. They have a different pace and way of being. They see the world differently. They have less experience than adults. They having a growing capacity for language and knowledge, but communication to them needs to be more simple, more hands-on, and repeated.  Whether you are a parent, a babysitter, a cool uncle or a youth minister or coach, learning how to talk to kids in a way they can understand and listen to kids in a way that they will share is of utmost importance.

In this workshop, you will gain the following:
  • Enhanced understanding of developmental norms and appropriate expectations for children of varying ages and temperaments
  • Opportunity to explore your comfort level as a caregiver with various “conversations” with children
  • Ways to navigate barriers and work together with spouses/community
  • Practical tips for “starting a conversation”
  • Guided language choices and modeling for specific topics:
    • Body, body image
    • Puberty and Sex
    • Illness
    • Death
    • Gospel Presentation
    • Family Discipleship
  • Problem solving how to apply concepts learned to a variety of “topics” not covered at length


Cost is $40


When & Where

Sunday’s 2pm-4pm

July 14th, 21st, 28th

For the City Center

500 E Saint Johns Avenue

Austin, TX 78752

Crystal Wilkins

Crystal Wilkins