Course Description

This course is designed to equip followers of Christ with the ability to apply the gospel in personal and specific ways to the heart and struggles of others. We will address both the theology and practice of gospel-centered counseling. Participants will be prepared to minister effectively to individuals, couples, and families with a biblical perspective on change in the context of community. Issues such as addictions, anxiety, anger, depression will be covered.  Lay counselors, pastors, small group/missional community leaders, ministry staff, and anyone wanting to learn how to better care for others will all benefit from this course.

Class Attendance

Course participants are expected to attend the weekly class periods. Since the classes will include didactic teaching, group discussions, and case studies, it is important for course participants to be present if they intend to master the material.

Counseling Practicum

During the second semester of training, course participants will be asked to counsel an individual, couple, or family of the participant’s choice for 12 weeks. The person counseled may be anyone from the course participant’s life (except for family) who is seeking counsel, including anyone the participant is counseling at this time. Counseling meetings may take place in the participant’s home, office, or other location.

Reading and Journal

Biblical counseling articles and supplemental reading assignments will accompany each chapter of the training. Course participants are asked to read the appropriate articles before each class in order to enhance student understanding of the material.


Our next course will start: September 22nd, 2021

Wednesday nights, 6-9pm


For the City Center
500 E. St John Ave.

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Equipped to Counsel offers a foundational introduction to the ever-important task of all believers to engage the intricate work of soul care.

Jeremy Lelek


Andrew Dealy

Andrew Dealy

Executive Director, St. John’s ETC Instructor & Counselor

Andrew brings a wealth of experience and passion for equipping the church in counseling through disciple-making. Along with equipping, Andrew serves as a professional counselor.

Shanda Anderson

Shanda Anderson

Director of Clinical Care, St. John’s ETC Instructor & Counselor

Shanda has been involved in teaching Equipped to Counsel and training counselors for the past 8 years. Along with equipping churches and individuals Shanda serves as a full-time Professional Counselor.