Gospel Care Seminars

This fall we are excited to launch a series of Gospel Care Seminars taught and facilitated by various counselors from our team. Our desire is to provide the best teaching and tools possible on various issues related to living as God’s children in this fallen world. The seminars are in-depth, interactive, and limited in size (12-15 people).


Managing Anxiety, Stress, and Worry - Aug 26, 2014

Anxiety, worry, stress —  just reading these words can create…anxiety and stress! In this seminar we will explore how the gospel addresses these issues as well as the common causes and roots. We will also learn:

  • How to manage anxiety, stress, and worry Biblically
  • Recognize your tendencies
  • Spiritual and emotional preparation
  • Practical preparation/managing circumstances

This seminar is designed for anyone who has ever struggled with these questions and issues or wants to learn how to help others.


Tim Russo 1Tim Russo serves as a counselor at the Austin Stone Counseling Center where he specializes in marriage counseling and issues including pre-marriage, parenting, depression, anger, anxiety, addiction, stress, and relational conflict. Tim has a Masters Degree in Biblical Counseling from Trinity Theological Seminary in Newburgh, IN and has over 25 years of pastoral and counseling experience. He is a Certified Biblical counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (formerly known as NANC) as well as the International Association of Biblical Counselors. Tim and Elaine have been married for 34 years.


Limited Seating Full
$15 per person



7pm-8:30pm on August 26, 2014


The Austin Stone Counseling Center
1033 La Posada Drive – Suite 374