Betrayed Wives Group – Support for Wives Impacted by Infidelity

In this group you will have the opportunity to more fully grieve the pain of betrayal trauma and learn tools for personal healing and wholeness. This will be a space for you to be encouraged by other women who are also hurting and together take hold of biblical truth. This therapeutic group is designed specifically for wives whose husbands have been unfaithful in the marriage through pornography and sexual addiction, an emotional affair, having a one night stand, or physical infidelity. Join us this August at the For the City Center.

This group is currently closed and taking a short break during the summer. Our next group will begin August 2018 and you may still fill out a registration form to reserve your spot today.

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Postpartum Moms Group – Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Support

This group is designed to provide therapeutic support for moms who who are experiencing Postpartum anxiety, depression, scary thoughts or other mental health concerns. Whether you are a first time mom or just had your third child, if you are experiencing significant difficulty in this season up to 2 years postpartum, then this is a safe place for you! Join us this August to process with other moms who are right there with you, and gain practical tools for health and wholeness.

This group is currently closed, and we will be taking a short break during the summer. You may still fill out a registration form to save your spot for our next group which will begin August 2018.

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Recovery Ministries Groups

These gender specific groups were created to provide a space of learning and encourage participants to openly share about their struggles, failures, victories, and hopes in the context of group confidentiality.

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