It is a common misconception that men in the church are the only ones who struggle with sexual brokenness. Many reports are now acknowledging increased rates of pornography use, sexual addiction and marital infidelity for women and somehow we are still not talking about it in the church. But we know that to one degree or another all of us have a distorted view of sex and need help in the context of understanding healthy, biblical sexuality.

That is why we are launching a new 6 week therapeutic support group for women to find a safe space to share and wrestle with their own sexual brokenness while holding on to the beautiful truths of God’s word. This group is for women (single or married, 21 years of age or older) who are looking for freedom from sexual sin and who want to not only think differently but also walk with integrity. You may find yourself unable to turn from unwanted sexual thoughts or behaviors including lust, pornography addiction, masturbation, unhealthy boundaries with men, premarital sex or unfaithfulness in the marriage. Here you can begin to heal and work through the woundedness and lies of your past to walk forward in freedom and purity. You can expect to be encouraged by other women who are also struggling and together find wholeness and identity in Christ.

Facilitated by

Jessica MCDaniel, LPC

Jessica is a licensed professional counselor and has been at the Austin Stone Counseling Center since 2011. Jessica and her husband Ryan have been married since 2006 and have three young daughters. She knows firsthand the impact of sexual shame and brokenness and specializes in working with women and couples in the area of biblical sexuality. Jessica believes in the power of the gospel to change broken lives and is passionate about clients finding freedom and healing through a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Groups run every Spring/Fall semester. Please register to confirm your interest by filling out the form below


Please Note- Because of the nature of group therapy we ask for participants to commit to the full 6 weeks. If you are unsure if this group is right for you or have additional questions, please email


Friday mornings, 6 weeks

*Group has been postponed until Spring 2020


$45 per session or a discounted rate of $255 if paid in full at the start of group


The Austin Stone Counseling Center @ For the City Center

500 East St. Johns Ave