We are passionate about marriage at The Austin Stone Counseling Center. Our counseling staff see couples everyday who are at all points on the spectrum – some are in crisis, some are stuck, some are just wanting more out of the marriage but don’t know how to get there.

We see 3 primary ways of engaging and helping couples have healthy, gospel-centered marriages:

  1. Preparation – A strong marriage is built on a strong foundation. We offer professional Pre-marital Counseling as well as Pre-Engagement counseling.
  2. Enrichment – The kind of intimacy, trust, and communication that makes a healthy marriage only comes with daily, intentional work. We see couples in the counseling center who are wanting to be proactive so they don’t end up in crisis.
  3. Redemption – A majority of our counseling at the Center is with couples who are struggling to make things work. Whether the presenting issues are infidelity, abuse, betrayal, pornography, complete mistrust of your spouse, or lack of intimacy we believe there is no marriage that is beyond hope when Christ is at work.

If you have any questions about whether marriage counseling is for you or if you would like to schedule a session with one of our counselors please don’t hesitate to contact us.