In this group you will have the opportunity to more fully grieve the pain of betrayal trauma and learn tools for personal healing and wholeness. This will be a space for you to be encouraged by other women who are also hurting and together take hold of biblical truth. This therapeutic group is designed specifically for wives whose husbands have been unfaithful in the marriage through pornography and sexual addiction, an emotional affair, having a one night stand, or physical infidelity.

As wives, it can often be difficult to love and support our husbands, especially if they are battling a sin that so directly impacts us and our families.  However, God has given us the power to not only heal but to extend grace and forgiveness towards our spouses in the midst of such a painful process. Whether you have just recently found out about your spouse’s pornography struggle or have been picking up the pieces of infidelity for years, this group will be a healthy and safe place to process where you are in your journey. You will be able to sit alongside other women who have experienced the harmful effects of their spouse’s sexual sin and be encouraged by the reality that you are not alone.

In this group, you will learn how to work through your pain, how to heal through the betrayal, and take hold of the biblical truths of God’s love and grace towards us as his beloved daughters. We will touch on issues of shame, anger, bitterness, trust, forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration. The goal of this group is to ultimately run toward Jesus Christ, the only one who is powerful enough to bind up our wounds and to change broken hearts. 

During your time in this group you can expect:

  • Confidential and authentic support
  • Group processing and exploration of feelings and beliefs
  • Encouragement from other sisters in Christ
  • A better understanding of your role as a wife in understanding your husband’s sin struggles
  • Greater awareness of yourself and identity in Christ

Facilitated by

Jessica McDaniel,LPC.

Jessica and her husband are both licensed counselors at the Austin Stone Counseling Center and have been married since 2006. They have three beautiful daughters, the youngest being identical twins. Jessica has received specialized training in infidelity recovery and has worked with couples for the past 8 years. She deeply believes that people’s lives are changed and transformed through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ and knowing him more.


*This group is currently full, and we will be taking a short break during the summer. You may still fill out a registration form to save your spot for our next group which will begin August 2018.

Please reach out to Jessica McDaniel with any questions

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Next Session Begins August 2018

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The Austin Stone Counseling Center @
For the City Center
500 E. St. Johns Ave