This six week group is designed to provide therapeutic support for moms who who are experiencing Postpartum anxiety, depression, scary thoughts, obsessive thinking or other mental health concerns. Whether you are a first time mom or just had your third child, if you are experiencing stress and difficulty in this season up to 2 years postpartum, then this is a safe place for you! The transition many of us experience into motherhood is not always as glamorous as it appears in our culture of picture perfect parenting. Instead of soaking up every precious baby coo you may be so overwhelmed that you have trouble even getting out of bed. Or you might find yourself going through every worst case scenario and crippled by fear that something bad will certainly happen to your baby. Maybe you’ve been so concerned about your baby getting sick that you obsess about germs. If you’re unsure of what symptoms might point to postpartum depression and anxiety, you can read the following article:

In this group you will learn practical tools with a biblical framework for how to work through the emotional and physical effects of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders so that you can take hold of the truths of God’s love and grace towards you as his beloved daughter. We will explore themes of identity, shame, self-worth, hopelessness, spouse support and self-care. Even if you find yourself feeling better than before, this is a great space to come and process though what’s going on in your heart at any point in the journey.

Here you can expect to find consistent support and encouragement, ongoing education, interactive discussion and practical tools to work through this season with the hope of Christ. Our aim is to ultimately run toward God, the only one who is powerful enough to bind up our wounds, lift our weary heads and to strengthen our minds in the context of healthy, biblical support alongside other moms who also know what it’s like.

Facilitated by

Jessica McDaniel, LPC.

Jessica has been on staff as a licensed professional counselor at the Austin Stone Counseling Center since its doors opened in 2011. She and her husband have been married for 12 years and have been through major transitions and struggle in parenting with their 3 young daughters, two of which are identical twins who were born at 34 weeks. They have also experienced the grief of losing their second baby through early term miscarriage. She deeply believes that people’s lives are changed and transformed through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ and knowing him more.


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Thursdays, 10:30am – 12pm

Spring 2020: March 26th – April 30th*

Please note: You need to be able to make the full 6 week commitment to attend, email Jessica with any questions

* Next group will launch once 5 or more participants are registered.


$45 per session or $250 total if paid in full


The Austin Stone Counseling Center @
For the City Center

500 East St. John Ave