Now Offering Graduate Student Counseling

By July 10, 2013Announcements

We are excited to announce that we are now offering Graduate Student Counseling. This will provide affordable counseling as well as training for gifted counselors. Graduate student counselors are currently in their masters programs training to become professional counselors. They have completed all their course work and are at the final stage of their graduate degree. They are supervised weekly by Amy Thompson, LPC-S.

Our first Graduate Counseling student recently joined our team!

Laura Lyles is a graduate student obtaining her Master’s in the Art of Counseling atAmberton University out of Dallas. She received her BA in Business Administration at Belhaven University in Jackson, MS. Currently Laura is a store manager for a children’s entertainment facility in Cedar Park. She has also been involved in the youth ministry for many years and one of her desires is to focus her counseling skills towards children and adolescents using play therapy techniques. Each job experience has given her many opportunities to walk through different life situations with youth, coworkers, students and her employees.

Other areas of interest in counseling are with individuals and families experiencing long term illnesses and/or injuries as well as depression and anxiety. She would also like to focus her counseling skills on grief, trauma, and multicultural counseling.  She is a graduate student currently under the supervision of Amy Thompson MA, LPC-S.

To schedule a session with Laura at a reduced rate please email or call our office at 512.961.5575