Schedule an Appointment

You can make your initial appointment online, by email, or calling us at 512-961-5575. Use our online system to find open times for ongoing sessions with your current counselor.



Complete Intake Forms

To best serve you, we need to gather some information. Please fill out your intake form online, or arrive 15 minutes prior to your first counseling session to complete your paperwork in person.



Follow Up with Any Questions

We’ll be in touch if we need additional information from you. Please contact us if you have any questions before your session. We’ve also answered some commonly asked questions here.

CALL US AT 512-961-5575

You may have concerns about counseling.

We understand.

Considering counseling as an option for help can often be overwhelming. We understand the potential anxieties of getting started in this process, and want to make that as simple as possible. Our staff is committed to doing our best to answer any questions you may have. We are here to serve you, and pray God will guide you in the ever-important task of finding a counselor suitable for your needs.

Our facilities offer an inviting atmosphere where we hope you find the space to experience healing and hope. If you have any concerns, please take some time to tour our center and learn more about us.

Checking In

When you come through our doors, you’ll find a safe and loving place to experience the grace and truth of the gospel. Simply find a comfortable seat, help yourself to a coffee or tea, and your counselor will come meet you in our waiting room.

Counseling Session

Your 50 minute session with one of our counselors will be a time to explore the issues you are experiencing. We will show you grace and love as we seek to apply the truth of God’s word to your heart.

Continued Care

After you first session, you and your counselor will discuss a plan for your continued care – that may include recurring sessions, bringing an advocate, or involving people in your small group.