Our Story

The Center began as a dream of the leadership of the Austin Stone Community Church to create a counseling ministry that would provide expert professional care while working closely with local churches in Austin and beyond.

In 2010, after years of prayer and dreaming, the Lord provided the means to begin moving forward. The first year was spent researching best practices, talking to churches and counseling centers around the country, and learning from others. Potential staff counselors and interns were interviewed. Office space was secured and all the logistics from phone systems to what pictures we would put on the wall to make the center an inviting place were figured out. We finally opened our doors on what happened to be Memorial Day 2011. We had one client booked. They ended up rescheduling because they too didn’t realize it was a holiday.

Since then we have been blessed with the privilege of entering into the stories of some amazing people. We have also had the chance to partner with many of the great churches around the city. Today we have the joy of serving hundreds of individuals, couples and families in the city of Austin as well as many who are working and living around the world. We are excited for the story to continue and to play a small part in what God is doing for His glory.


Our Approach

Our counselors look at everything through the framework of the story of God as revealed in the Bible – that man is made in God’s image and therefore has profound beauty as well as deep brokenness. And, for true and lasting change to take place we must look at both soul and body. The reality that we live in a broken and fallen world with other wounded, broken people, creates suffering and pain in our lives.

Therefore, our counseling seeks to not only address the presenting issues and suffering common to man but explore the complex and largely hidden desires of the soul. God is in the business of restoring and renewing all things and we believe no person is beyond his redemption and grace.

Into this, we join with you as fellow guides who have experienced suffering and through honest struggle have tasted the grace of God. We are professional counselors, adhering to the highest ethical standards of our State, yet we are fellow travelers, committed to walking with you in your unique process. Through this, we count it one of our greatest and most humbling privileges to enter into the complexity and wonder of God’s story being written in your life.

Core Values

Based on God’s word and his promises, our values are a necessity of both counseling and ongoing care in and through the church.

Gospel Centered

We do not offer a system or a three step process for change, but a person, a Redeemer, Jesus Christ. We believe in the gospel (the good news) that there is nothing that we can do to earn God’s love and salvation and nothing we can do to lose His love. In our counseling we rely on the Word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit on our behalf with an aim for clients to know and apply the gospel to the deepest parts of their lives.

In the Local Church

We believe the primary context of counseling should be in community. Therefore, we come alongside the church as a partner in ministry and seek to involve them when possible in the process through our advocate model of counseling. We are also committed to equip local churches to respond in crisis through our well-trained staff, consultations, training events, and conferences. Our goal is to return counseling to the local church.

On Mission

Our aim is to provide a level of care that enables everyone who leaves our doors better equipped to live on the mission God has called them to locally and globally. Our counseling is passionately missionary. We also want to serve our city and provide a place of practical and spiritual care for those in need – no matter what their background or struggles.

For the Glory of God

We were created to glorify God by enjoying Him above all else. All our counseling is done with this foundation and goal in mind. Our passion is to see God magnified and clients experience their maximum satisfaction in Christ as they experience the transforming power of the gospel.

Ultimately through the love and grace of Christ, there is hope and change for every human being regardless of their history or experiences.

Paige Turner, Staff Counselor

People’s lives change as they gain a greater awareness of who they are and who God created them to be.

Jessica McDaniel, Staff Counselor